Fire Restoration Contractors

Real-Time Fire Restoration Leads

As a fire restoration company, it is imperative to have access to real time property damage information. Securing fire restoration related jobs is perhaps the most competitive and at the same time, the most lucrative. If you do not know when and where building fires occur, you are a step behind the competition. Preferred vendor lists, digital marketing campaigns, and referrals are all great sources for possible job procurement. However, these options are all reactive as opposed to being proactive. Ask yourself, how many fire related jobs has your company signed over the course of the last year? How many jobs has your company recieived from being on numerous insurance company vendor programs? Our guess is that most companies are not signing the amount of fire damage related business as companies that are armed with our information. If your company is serious about actively procuring restoration business, you must have the most detailed and real time data at your fingertips.

Accurate and Detailed Incident Reports

Fire Notification is tailor made for fire restoration companies. Our lead system, will provide your company with the most accurate, timely, and detailed damage reports for every incident the fire department responds to within our coverage area. Having this information allows our clients to respond to incidents as they see fit. How your company decides to use our lead information will vary from company to company. Some companies will want to be the first on scene, while other companies will find that a next day approach works best. Regardless, having access to our data set will ensure your company is on an even playing field with your competition and will now have every chance possible to sign more fire restoration jobs.