Real-Time Property Damage and News Alerts

Qualified Leads for fire restoration contractors, insurance professionals, and news media throughout California, Nevada, Texas and select markets.

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Leads Direct to Your Phone

Fire and Smoke Damage Notifications

Fire & Smoke Damage

Instant notification of fire damage, from multiple alarm building fires, to stovetop cooking fires, from major brush fires to small electrical fires.

Flood and Water Damage Instant Alerts

Flood & Water Damage

Real time leads for all flooding and water damage incidents. Sprinkler activations, broken pipes, water main breaks, overflowing toilets, and water vac requests.

Structural Damage Notification

Structural Damage

Know where damage strikes and when it happens. Earthquakes, vehicles into buildings, structural collapse, and forced entry to name a few.

News and Media Outlets live feeds

Breaking News Alerts

Comprehensive breaking news information for television, radio, print media, photo journalists, and stringers.