Insurance Professionals

Public Insurance Adjusters

As a public insurance adjuster, our lead service will provide you every opportunity to assist policy holders as quickly as possible. By providing you accurate up to date information you will have the ability to be first on the scene armed with incident report details. It is imperative for Public Adjusters to have every opportunity to address potential clients and assess their situation quickly for maximum benefit. We understand your need to inform and educate potential clients as early as possible in the claim process. By partnering with Fire Notification, you can be assured that you will receive the most detailed available information to help you procure business.

Insurance Companies, Actuaries, and Risk Managers

By using our service, Insurance Carriers can be alerted to possible claims and exposure as quickly as possible. By subscribing to our service, insurance carriers have the ability to be proactive as opposed to reactive to potential claims.

Actuaries and Risk Managers now have the ability to access the most detailed and robust public safety data set related to property claims in Southern California and Las Vegas. By utilizing our 12 years-worth of data analytics, risk managers can better assess the likelihood of potential claims within a specific coverage area.